Monday, April 5, 2010

Paige and Vanessa Versus the Vegetable Garden

This past Saturday we took it upon ourselves to build a raised vegetable garden. We had all our plans (thanks to Pioneer Woman and Bob Atkins), all the materials (thanks to Home Depot and Paige's bank account), and all the man power (thanks to James and Dan).
Here is how it unfolded...

Cute gloves: Check
Self Confidence: Double Check

Reindeer, a very important element of the perfect Vegetable Garden: CHECK!
Paige became a master driller...

Our one-armed nameless gnome was pivotal to the success of the afternoon.
Omagrow dirt and newspapers!

Dan showed that stake who was boss!
Finished picture to be put later..because at this point (the last tenth of the project) Vanessa decided she should try to be helpful instead of snapping pictures of everyone else's productivity...

Here is our finished product!
above is a tribute to the boys who so perfectly mixed the sand with the compost for our strawberry box. :)

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  1. I like looking at things from the perspective of dirt. paige you should get a shot gun. It looks like there is a photo of everyone who actually worked so thats good. fun times!