Sunday, July 4, 2010

Paige vs. The Flag Cake

Last week I was browsing blogs (as I often do), and I ran across this post by 17 and Baking. A flag cake! I thought, "I'm going to a 4th of July party; this will be perfect!

Little did I know it would become a monster that would consume my Saturday morning!

I gathered all of the ingredients, Mama Martina's mixer (thanks again!), and my dear friend Rachel Hoppe.

We made three 9" round cakes --> one red, one blue, and one we left white. (I found the recipe here).

The blue looked like a bomb pop on the red spatula!

Aren't these colors gorgeous?!

We thought so.

Once the cakes were baked and cooled, it was time for me to assemble them. This was the scary part. I bought a cake leveler at Hobby Lobby for $3, and it worked really well. I sliced both the red and white cakes in half.

So I ended up with two red layers, two white layers, and a full blue layer. I set one of the reds and one of the whites aside; these will be the bottom of the flag (they are on the rack in the back of the photo).
The other red and white, and the blue layers I stacked together....

And grabbed Vanessa's favorite mug, which happened to be the perfect size for my needs. I put it in the middle of the cakes, and cut around it, through all the layers.

I ended up with this: a red, white, and blue ring, and then a red, white and blue circle in the middle. You can discard (a.k.a. eat) the red and white rings, and the blue circle. They won't be in this cake.

It would be good to have a cake plate on which to assemble this. If you don't have a cake plate, then find the prettiest plate in your cabinet. Mine happened to be from the set I found in my scary basement!

Remember the red and white layers that I didn't cut? Place the white layer down on the plate and frost it.

And then the uncut red layer.

And then frost the red layer. Lay the blue ring on top.

Frost the inside of the blue layer, and lay the white circle in the middle. Frost that....

And lay the red circle on top. You're done!

I frosted the whole looked very unassuming when I brought it to the party!

Vanessa took pictures of the final result....I'll post those tomorrow!

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