Monday, July 12, 2010

Pillow Cookies!

I know what you're thinking.

What on earth is a pillow cookie?

Well, first of all, it's a dream come true. It's also life changing, and maybe even a bit overwhelming.

It's a brownie inside a chocolate chip cookie.


Don't try to make sense of this. Just accept it, bake it, and eat it. As soon as possible.

Bakerella (the inventor of cake bites) posted this recipe on her blog two weeks ago, and I dreamed about it until Saturday night, when a movie night provided the perfect opportunity to bake!

You start with a box of brownie mix. I love brownie batter, by the way. I try to do all my brownie baking alone, so I don't have to share.

Bake the brownies, and let them cool.

Then you make the cookie dough; I followed the recipe on Bakerella's blog, although I'm sure you could substitute your favorite cookie recipe (or just buy premade dough at the store!).

Then you drop it by 1/2 cup-fuls onto parchment paper. Yes, you heard me right. Then you cut a one-inch piece of brownie and smoosh it on top of the cookie dough.

My lovely assistant, Erin, did the scooping. She is an excellent scooper. Also, she is super cute. Wouldn't you agree?

Again, just to make sure you get this, we used a FULL half cup of cookie dough for each cookie. Really, you could probably use less, but you've got to get enough to wrap around the brownie.

Once you've smooshed the brownie into the cookie dough, work the dough completely around the brownie and form them into little dough balls. They are so big that only 6 fit on the cookie sheet. And they still baked into each other. Yowza.

While these were baking (at 350 degrees, for 16 minutes), I decided I needed to pray. Gluttony is a sin, and I was about to ask all of my friends to eat these! Lord have mercy.
That is a big cookie.
Confession: That was not the biggest cookie.

But look at the inside of that thing! Ohhhh.....incredible. Notice the glass of milk in the background. That's a must with this recipe.

Next up: red pepper chicken curry, naan, and mango ice cream!


  1. Paige those turned out great!! and HUGE! I had no idea they'd bake so big. :)

  2. Yes, the milk in the upstream glass...haha.
    Honestly, I am impressed Pagina. How did the brownie inside not cook too much? Interesting! Keep it up--I love your posts. :-)

  3. The brownie just gets marvelously gooey - somehow putting it in the middle of the cookie dough keeps it from getting overdone.

  4. Do I see chocolate chips in the cookie dough too? That is like double sin chocolate. 1/2 cup of dough makes a chunk of a cookie. How much do you think this could be cut down to and still cover the brownie?

  5. Wow!!! Those look amazing Paige!!!

  6. Why friend? Why do you torcher me like this? *sigh*