Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paige and Vanessa vs. The Weird Voice

So, the last two times our doorbell has been pushed, I have thought I heard a strange sound right after the actual doorbell sound. It goes like this:
"Ding ding dee-ding ding ding. Wah wah wah wah wah wah."
Just like the lady in Peanuts.
Literally, it was a voice.

So Vanessa and I went on a hunt. Where was this voice coming from? Was it coming from the sound box?

No, Becky's boyfriend cut the cords on that a couple months ago. It's now just there for decoration.
Was it in the tall cabinet?

Nope. But we're getting close.
Was it in the game cabinet?

Nope. But we're still warm.

The pantry?
Nope. That was too far away.
The back porch?
Definitely not.
Vanessa thought of looking in the island. I thought this was silly.
But look!

What's this?
We found it! This silly little box was saying, "Please replace tone battery."

Conquered. Little box, you will haunt our home no more.

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