Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paige vs. The Last Day of School

I understand this happened two and a half blessed weeks ago, but I have a few pictures I wanted to post, so here you go!

Behold: The Scantron. Savior of all frazzled teachers during finals week. I may or may not have given it a hug.
I was delirious.
This puppy can grade 30 100-question multiple choice tests in less than a minute.

I had written "Buena suerte" on the board right before their *killer* final. It means "Good luck".
One student misread it and thought it said "Buena muerte", which means "Good death." He thought that was more appropriate (considering the difficulty of the test) and rewrote my message, complete with a drawing.
Here's a close-up of the skeleton's head. Death by Spanish. Whoops!

But despite the fact that I beat them into the ground with their final, they still love me! These are a couple messages left for me on my white board. I also got a couple really sweet notes.

A big shot of the whole board.

By the end of the day, nothing could make me happier than the message in this shot: "Grades have been submitted."
For the last time. :-)

It looks like an ordinary classroom, but if only these walls could talk!

Wow! What a year. What a blessing it was to have 147 students entrusted to me to teach and build up (and tease mercilessly). They challenged me, humbled me, and unbeknownst to them, sanctified me. I look forward to another year of educating young minds! :-)

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